Business Directory of our Members and Associates

Barclay Property Gayle Olrich 0409 339087
Dance Headquarters – East Maitland Pam Cramp 0417 674420
D.J. Dave Greville Dave Greville 0418 237498
D.J. Elvis Glen Hunt 0413 939464
D.J. Vinnie Robert Vincent 0438 260548
Hunter Valley Cookies Sheryl & Fred Machain 02 49987458
HyperWeb Communications Brendan Brooks 0414 362557
  • Weekly Dance Lesson Schedule

    Beginners' lessons commence at 7:00 pm and conclude at approximately 7:55 pm. Intermediate/advanced lessons commence at 8:15 pm and conclude at approximately 9:00 pm. Lessons are not normally conducted during school holidays.

    Telarah Bowling Club, Clark St. Telarah.

    Newcastle venue temporarily on hold.

Next Course Start Dates

Wednesday, 15 June 2022. Telarah Bowling Club, Clark St. Telarah. Beginners' rock 'n' roll starts at 7:00 pm; intermediate rock 'n' roll starts at 8:10 pm.

To Be Confirmed. Mayfield Bowling Club, Ingall St. Mayfield. Lessons at Mayfield Bowling Club are temporarily closed. We’ll keep you posted with any developments. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.